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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Step Two

Where shall I hold my Ritual?

Among many Pagan traditions there is a practice in which the place that you hold a ritual should either have sacred significance, or otherwise be prepared as sacred space for the purpose of the ritual.

For our ancestors this may have involved worshipping in sacred groves or maybe amongst the standing stones across Europe. But these days such things aren't too easy to come by. While it is true that you can feel free to practice in a woodland clearing that provides you with a sense of spiritual significance, it is often far more practical to simply set aside some easily accessible space and sanctify it. In modern witchcraft, this practice is usually achieved through sweeping an area to rid it of negative energies and then casting a Magick Circle.

Ceremonial Magicians, on the other hand, tend to set aside some space in their home to use as a permanent temple or sacred space. For some of us this isn't a practical option and so a temporary temple can be made that may be quickly erected when needed.

We'll discuss how to create Sacred Space shortly.

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