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Monday, August 15, 2011

Creating a Ritual

This will be a series of post on Rituals. As I don't want to overwhelm anyone.

Ritual is belief in action. It is taking theory, idea and spiritual commitment, and moving them into the realm of being. Through Ritual we express our beliefs and give them life.

Rituals serve all manner of purposes, from the mundane to the magical, but ultimately they serve to express what is within us; to give us an outlet for our spirituality that reveals not only what we believe, but also what those beliefs mean in grand scope of the universe. So we will be focusing on rituals and magical workings in this regard, providing an insight into what they mean and how to construct your own.

I will only give you the information on things a Ritual is based around. It is up to the individual to what will work for them and what won't. Just go with what feels right for you. 

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