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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night and Day

To some, the different hours of the day hold different astrological connections. However, listing these out as well could take up a severe amount of space that just isn't constructive to this post, so instead we'll look at the basic principles of Night and Day.

Day time: As the Sun is in the sky, this is obviously the best time for any kind of working that relates to the Sun. But that doesn't mean that it is the only time when you can work with these energies. The daytime is light and exposed, so it is a good time for open celebrations, especially those that you don't mind being public. As a very male orientated time it is well disposed for celebrations of virility and athletic activities.

The Sun is also very significant for Solstice and Equinox rituals, in which the entire point is to use the passage of the Sun as the ritual focus, marking the shortest and longest days of the year, as the Sun enters its lowest and highest phases.

Night time: Night is for private functions and secret gatherings. As a time of darkness it is closely connected to the Mysteries, so it is well suited to these kinds of rituals. The Moon is the ruler of the night, serving as the light in the darkness. As mentioned, the moon is aligned to feminine energies and so the night is well disposed to working with feminine energies. But there is no reason you shouldn't work with these energies at other times, too.

The night also reveals to us the constellations of the stars and so it is a good time for considering other astrological works.

One may wish to take into account other aspects of timing, such as astrological alignments and mystical numerology. If these things interest you at all then I would recommend looking into books on these subjects or otherwise checking the internet. Various paths may place different significance to different numbers, times and heavenly events, so to make things easier, first look to see if your specific religion/path has any teachings regarding these things.

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