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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step Four

What do I need?

Preparation really is the key to any successful ritual. Really, there is no worse situation to be in than to reach a crucial moment in a ritual only to discover you have left something important in your kitchen or forgotten to prepare appropriate words for that part.

Preparing a ritual is in itself a very significant part of the entire process, not only for the obvious need to know what you are going to do, but also because in the preparation of a ritual you are forced to give some thought into what each and every step in that ritual signifies and consider why you will be performing each bit.

For the solo practitioner this gives a situation where there shouldn't be anything in the ritual that doesn't hold some kind of personal significance, while for the group based ritual the members have the opportunity to attain an understanding of a ritual from many different perspectives and even learn about new things in context to the ritual.

What items you want to use in your Ritual are your personal choice I have done a post about Tools of the Trade this will introduce you to some of the basic tools that may be used. None have be used it its a personal choice as to weither you use them or not.

Blessed Be

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