Moon Phase


Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Whatsoever ye put out will return to thee, multiplied times three."

Now that brings us to the Threefold law or the Law of returns. This is a natural effect and like gravity can't be ignored, or wished away. Whenever we do something, or say something, or conjure something, we send out energy whether good (not causing harm) or bad (causing harm) and this energy affects the whole. We cannot separate ourselves from the world we live in, our actions will come back to haunt us. And this provides the natural reason as it were to abide by the Rede; for doing harm will come back to harm us, and doing good will come back to help us. Wicca is a religion of personal responsibility. We are responsible for our actions, and we will pay the consequences not far away in some mystical land, but here and now, and because of this we must ever strive to make our actions correct and for the good of all. In all things, we must ever consider the consequences and strive to work with Nature and with the Goddess, for the good of all, to preserve the balance and to send out positive healing energy.

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