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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Altar – A table or other flat surface used for ceremonial purposes and magickal workings.

Athame - A consecrated ceremonial knife used in ritual works by Wiccans and witches. Often made of Iron or Steel with a white or black handle of natural material. Some feel it should have no sharp edge as it is not used for cutting in the material planes. This knife should never have cut flesh and is never used for bloodletting.

Bolline - A curved white handled knife. Often used in non ceremonial magick and “Kitchen Witchery”. Used for practical magickal applications, such as, harvesting herbs, to cut a stick for a wand or to inscribe on candles. This blade has a sharp edge and is used for cutting on the
physical plane.

Book Of Shadows (BOS) – A journal of your personal magickal works and works of others you have been fortunate enough to have had them share with you. It is a reference book of your and others magickal work. This is an item rarely shared with others and is often kept hidden and is consecrated when one is begun.

Broom - A consecrated broom used for ritually cleansing the sacred or ritual space.

Cauldron – An iron pot with three legs. Represents the Cauldron of Rebirth and is most often kept in the south portion of the altar, symbolic of Fire. Is often used to hold charcoal or candles. Can be a very powerful ritual tool.

Cup or Chalice – Any container used for holding water or wine. This tool is most frequently kept in the west portion of the altar, symbolic of Water. Used in the symbolic Great Rite in combination with the athame. “As the Rod is to the God, So is the Chalice to the Goddess.” It represents feminine energies and is similar to the cauldron, but both have very different functions.

Pentacle – A five pointed star surrounded by a circle. It represents the elements Earth, Air, Fire Water and Spirit. It is worn by most witches as a symbol of their beliefs. It is represented on the altar in the north, symbolic of Earth. It is a very potent protective symbol.

Wand - A short rod made of wood or copper. Can truly be made from any material so long as it holds meaning for the Witch. Can be tipped with crystals or stones, decorated or painted or left plain, depending on the witch involved or the use of the wand. Some are made for general use, while others are made for very specific purposes. It is represented in the East on the altar, symbolic of Air.

These are but a few of the basic tools and their uses. There are many other tools used by witches.
Crystal balls, staffs and stangs, mirrors and runes. Even bowls of water. Salt and sand, candles
and stones. Many tools have many different uses. Remember that tools are implements to help
you focus you energy. YOU are the one who raises the power, not the tool. A hammer does not
build a house, the carpenter wielding it does. But, the carpenters hammer is how he makes his
way in life, and most tradesmen I know do not treat their tools with disrespect, even something as mundane as a hammer. The tools of the Craft need to be treated with the same respect. Many witches have MANY tools, but most use all of them rarely. The tool is merely an object of focus.

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