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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Esbats are a little different from sabbats. Generally, not as much preparation and ritual goes into celebrating them. Some Wiccans, consider them to be the rituals held on the nights of the full moon throughout the year, for a total of 13 Esbats in all. Others believe them to be days or nights set aside for magickal workings. Here, any moon phase can be used for an Esbat, depending upon your need at the time. For those who hold to the full moon definition, included below are the names, months and correspondences of each full moon throughout the year. The first list of moons, which is found directly below, is from Silver Ravenwolf's book To Ride A Silver Broomstick, and consists simply of month and moon names.

Wolf Moon - January

Storm Moon - February

Chaste Moon - March

Seed Moon - April

Hare Moon - May

Dyad (pair) Moon - June

Mead Moon - July

Wyrt (green plant) Moon - August

Barley Moon - September

Blood Moon - October

Snow Moon - November

Oak Moon - December

Blue Moon - variable

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