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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teachers, GOOD & BAD (Part 3 The Bad)

ON THE OTHER HAND... You Should AVOID a teacher who:

- Possesses a superior attitude... If a teacher states or implies that they are the sole holder of some sort of "special" or "secret" knowledge disclosed only to a "chosen few", you really don't want to know what that may be...really.

- Excludes members of any race or culture... Bigotry of any kind has no place in spiritual circles.

- Is attacking or violent... Obviously.

- Is either overly sensitive or too insensitive... Someone who either sees slights and attacks where there are none or ignores actual tangible problems may not be in touch with "reality". Best to leave them to their own little fantasy world.

- Is ingratiating... Someone who is overly friendly and shares intimate details of their personal life with you almost immediately may be looking to "win you over." This is a real danger sign that is often overlooked. By "baring their soul", they encourage you to do the same in return. This "instant intimacy" can leave you vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. Go slowly when meeting someone new.

- Is controlling... No teacher should expect you to abandon your family and friends. Isolation from the rest of society is a classic cult activity. You should not be expected to run errands or perform tasks. Sometimes you and the teacher will work out a "fair exchange of energy" in return for training. Make sure it IS fair. If you feel like you are being taken advantage of, you probably are.

- Is continually canceling classes... This is a classic indication that they simple have your money and no longer care about fulfilling the deal. If they are postponing classes until several months from now, you may have a real problem on your hands.

- Belittles you or uses you as an "example"... You deserve to be treated with respect even if you are a novice. No teacher has the right to strip you of your self-esteem. You should not be bullied into doing something that makes you uncomfortable or that you do not understand. On the other hand, being held up to others as the "teacher's pet" is also incorrect and this teacher may be setting you up for something that you may not want to become involved in.

- Has few or no "elders" in their group... "Where are the people who have been trained before me?" is a good question to ask. Perhaps they DID mature and move on... or perhaps they just ran screaming from the room!!...It pays to check. Talk to anyone you can find who has trained with this teacher before.

- Wants a lot of money up front... You should be able to get a class schedule or other outline of what the training will consist of BEFORE you sign up. Look it over carefully and ask questions. If the information seems to be no more than what you can get free from books or by talking with other Witches, it may not be a good value. Degrees and titles are earned; they are not bought...or sold.

- Has assistants; cohorts or senior students who you are expected to obey... Some groups do have a system of 'elders" who deserve respect. However, you are not obligated to accept anyone simply based on his or her "rank" within a group. If the teacher has an "entourage" which follows them everywhere and seems to "cater" to this teacher's every whim, watch carefully. You may end up being the next "groupie."

- Is overly idealistic and impractical... If this teacher has marvelous plans for the world-and especially if they tell YOU that you will be a part of this grand scheme-but he/she cannot balance their checkbook, take care of their children or hold onto a job, you want to leave now. You may end up not only shoring up these "dream castles"; you may end up supporting this person financially and emotionally. Witchcraft is a Path of personal responsibility and a teacher should be able to manifest this in his or her own lives.

- Exhibits any of these characteristics... lying, sexual misconduct, theft, physical violence or abuse.

"Thus the wise man residing in the Tao sets an example for all beings. Because he does not display himself, people can see his light. Because he has nothing to prove, people can trust his words. Because he doesn't know who he is, * people recognize themselves in him. Because he has no goal (secret personal agenda) in mind, everything he does succeeds." *(Meaning he does not set him/herself above anyone.) -Tao Te Ching

Note: Some "famous" teachers of the Craft utilize an incredible "Natural Charisma" to get your money or to pray on your spiritual innocence for their own self-serving needs. Don't let their glitter get in your eyes! Seriously consider the fact that you could very well be talking "Cult Leader" behavior. Do know that their fame buys them ZERO special privileges and that they must measure up to fundamental ethical standards of the craft, everyday in every way.

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