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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mabon Apple Crisp

6 cups sliced and peeled apples

2/3 cup flour

1 1/3 cup Oatmeal

1 cup Brown Sugar

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

2/3 cup Melted Butter

½ cup of walnut (optional)

Spread apples evenly on the bottom of an oblong baking dish. In a bowl mix together remaining ingredients until everything is moistened. Spread evenly over top of apples. Bake in a 375 degree oven until apples are soft (about 30 minutes) and topping is crisp.

Serve warm or cold. I like warm apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream! YUM!!

Recipe by: Pauline Mansberger.

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