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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ritual Etiquette

Because there are no set of Pagan rules it does not mean there are not guidelines that should be followed any time you attend an Event, Sabbat, or Ritual. Rule of thumb, if you would not do it at any other religious ceremony, you probably wouldn’t want to do it at a Pagan or Wiccan one. Common sense is always a good guide and Respect is the Important key. Watch how others conduct themselves and align your behavior accordingly. Let’s break it down to some Do’s and Don’ts.


_ If you’re asked to do anything to help out, please do it.

_ Do compliment the Mistress/Master of Ceremony on the Ritual.

_ Bring your own supplies or a donation for supplies used.

_ Be respectful of presenters or those leading Ritual.

_ Make a donation. There’s usually a Coven Donation Basket sitting around.

_ Bring a covered dish if asked to do so.

_ Pay attention to the rules concerning “Sky Clad”. Wear clothes if asked to.

_ Be respectful of others beliefs, always.

_ If children are allowed and yours attend, attend to them. Babysitting not provided.


_ Do not take pictures without getting permission. Respect others privacy.

_ Do not touch other peoples stuff. Tools, jewelry, anything...get permission.

_ Do not be late. Once Circle is Cast stand outside respectfully.

_ Do not criticize the performance of any at the Event. Mind your own manners.

_ Don’t throw anything into the ritual fire unless asked to.

_ Don’t drink or take drugs. Circle is for clear minds.

If you are feeling uncomfortable or ill during Circle and need to leave, do so quietly and respectfully and always move clockwise to the person assigned to Guard the Circle and cut a door for you. Please follow their instructions with as little disruption as possible.

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