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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here are some of the people who make up the Structure of Ritual and Circle

“The entire act of designing, implementing and completing a ritual is actually a set of various procedures and thoughts, culminating in a single magical endeavor. From the point of determining the need to the receipt of the desired goal is ritual. On the surface a ritual is a tool that can be used to focus the mind and energies of the body. It can be a singular practice, or one done with several individuals. Flowing below, however, is the provision to merge your own energy with that of the Divine or Cosmic Consciousness.”

There are many reasons why we Ritual. Connection with Spirit/God and Goddess/The Universe would be one of those. Another would be specific need or intent that needs to be petitioned or worked for, to honor of a Sabbat or Esbat. or Coming of Age ceremonies such as Handfastings or Elevations. Sharing time and thoughts with people of a more open mindset is also a valid reason to Ritual. There are basic components to most all rituals. There are also key players in the Circle and how it flows and remains protected. Here are some of the people who make up the Structure of Ritual and Circle.

High Priestess: She is the embodiment of The Goddess once Deity is invoked. She is sometimes the leader of a Coven, but she can be Mistress of Ceremony for the Sabbat. She guides the group in ritual and monitors the energy flowing in Circle. If she leads a Coven she has responsibilities that include teaching and counseling.

High Priest: He is the embodiment of The God once Deity is invoked. He also guides the group during ritual and always provides support and guidance for the High Priestess. He helps in all phase of ritual and can be Master of Ceremonies for a Sabbat. He is the long arm of The God and protects his High Priestess and fellow coven mates with his trust and honor.

The Maiden: She is the Embodiment of The Goddess in her Maiden form. She is the right hand of the High Priestess and assists in ritual set-up, performance and completion. She is like a High Priestess in training and she learns as she performs her duties. She is sometimes in charge of monitoring the Coven supplies, if she is The Maiden for a Coven. She can step in to be High Priestess if the need should arise. The

Summoner: He is the right hand of the High Priest. In the case of a Coven Summoner, he is record keeper, messenger, and organizer. His duties mirror those of The Maiden. Within small groups he is sometimes The Waylander as well. The Waylander: They are the guardians of the energy inside and outside the Circle. They monitor the well-being of all in Circle and assist anyone leaving to do so safely and with as little disruption as possible. They monitor the energy in Circle and follow the lead of the High Priestess or High Priest in the flow and security of Circle.

The Watcher: This person is like the sheriff of a small town. They monitor the safety of all in Circle or at a Sabbat. They should be knowledgeable in how to interact in a legal manner with authorities or anyone not following the guidelines expected of them at a Ritual. They should be able to set wards and provide all levels of protection needed.

The Wayfarer: Most often this is a person who organizes travel and events for a Coven. They can also be responsible for making meal plans for big events.

Seeker or Dedicant: This is a person who is in early stages of studying a SpiritualPath. They are searching for their own path and direction. Elder: This usually is a person who has attained all three levels of initiation and is of the Wise Ones. They are to be respected and honored and one could learn much from these people.

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